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Lake Anna Fishing Report

October 2018

Lake Ann Fishing Report – Falling air temperatures and shorter days has the water temperatures dropping quickly now on the lake and the gamefish are responding. Water temperatures are in the low 70’s. The heavy rains have stained the water and we are a little above full pool.
Largemouth Bass – Target the up lake region for the best catches. This region offers you plenty of shoreline structure in the form of willow grass lines, rocks, docks and stumps, especially above the first two bridges in both the North Anna arm and Pamunkey Branch. Pitching small plastic worms to docks has been the go-to pattern right now. You might be able to visit the flats in the extreme upper end of both tributaries and some of the smaller tributaries and find bass feeding on threadfin shad. The Tiger Shad spinnerbait in the Lake Anna Special format is excellent for these skinny water areas as well as retrieved around docks and grass. If you cannot get them to take the spinnerbait, go to the worm and work docks and rocks in grass more thoroughly. Mid lake bass are moving to the backs of creeks like Marshall, Pigeon, Mitchell, Sturgeon and Contrary. Each will have fish in them somewhere, it’s up to you be there early and leave late to bump into them. A big topwater bait you can “walk” is also good.

Striped Bass – There are fish breaking just about every morning in all three sections of the lake. Have a small topwater you can walk tied on and keep your eyes peeled. (Zara Spooks or Chug Bugs. Fish will move deeper during the day, but will still be catchable in the 10-15’ range. Cash sassy shads, seas shads, and spoons. You can venture up into the upper portions of the lake and use swimbaits for bigger fish feeding on gizzard shad in shallow water. Bigger fish will begin to bite better by the end of the month when water temperatures stabilize.

Crappie -. Just about all of the docks in the upper end of the lake are worth trying as long as they have 10′ of water on them. Slip bobbers and minnows set at 5-8′ are deadly. You can also jig under and around docks. The up lake bridges are good now, too.

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The fishes in Lake Anna vary considerably.  Click on the photos below for a larger version of the different types of fishes.